Happy New Year 2018

Wow - 2018 Happy New Year Everybody. I hope it is healthy and happy for you all and filled with fun, laughter and maybe a wedding or two :-)

If you were proposed to over the New Year and have decided that you want to get married during the same year as the Royal wedding, then please get in touch sooner rather than later. I already have plenty of bookings in May, but work on a first come first served basis, I don't hold dates for people, but once a booking with deposit is made, the date is yours.

Wherever you are getting married there is always a lot to think about at the venue too, table decorations, favours, a card box - or vintage suitcase ? A signing board with photo - or Guest book? some people prefer a tree covered with peoples wishes or glass cases full of wooden hearts with well wishes on - so many options and these are just a few. Then there's the cake - real flowers to decorate or icing flowers - 3 tiers or one small cake and cup cakes? This year layers of cheeses have been popular for couples who don't like cake..... some cakes have been have white and traditional with the other half based on Spiderman, Batman or Captain America? And people always say to me - "but aren't all weddings the same?"

No - ALL weddings are different :-)

wedding cake
Diglis Hotel Wedding

Where and however you decide to get married this year I hope you have an amazing day and that you enjoy the planning and run up to your Big Day too as the day itself flies by faster than you can possibly imagine, so remember to take a step back during the day and soak the moments in and don't stress, just enjoy your day. Have a wonderful 2018