Wedding Photography 2016 and 2017

Hello Everybody, I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and New Year ?

I am now taking wedding bookings right through to April 2018 so if you are planning well in advance please give me a call and we can have a chat and get you booked in for your Special day.

i have lots of people I can recommend for you for half price suit hire and wedding flowers and bouquets and Pig roasts, they are people that I have worked with a lot and do wonderful work. i have even helped people who can't decide on venues or find the one they really want. I have photographed weddings at so many different venues around Worcestershire I can let you know which venue suits which type of wedding. So if you have booked your Wedding day with your venue or church and would like to have a chat about your photography, please just give me a call on 07885472010 and we can have a chat or meet up to go through exactly what you would like from your special day. have a great day.x